Derma Production Facility

Skin diseases and their complications have significant effects on patient’s quality of life. These problems range from cosmetic problems such as dry skin, wrinkles, pigmentation to acute or chronic diseases which may be disfiguring but may not be fatal.

However, life-threatening conditions, if untreated may prove fatal. Skin diseases being common among the general population, account for a high percentage of all diseases dealt by physicians. Although skin diseases (especially infections and infestations) are a common health problem in developing countries, they are not usually perceived to be a significant health concern.

In assigning health priorities, skin diseases are sometimes thought of, in planning terms, as small-time players in the global league of illness compared with diseases that cause significant mortality, such as HIV/AIDS, community-acquired pneumonias, and tuberculosis. However, skin problems are generally among the most common diseases seen in primary care settings in tropical areas, and in some regions where transmissible diseases such as tinea imbricata or onchocerciasis are endemic, they become the dominant presentation.

Keeping in view the scenario, Alza Pharmaceuticals recognizes the importance of having healthy skin at any age and decided to stand along with the patients suffering from skin ailments and help them to improve their quality of life by providing them quality products at their door step and can maintain healthy skin throughout their lives.